I have co-morbid clusters of conditions, all helped by cannabis.

At any time, I’ll be suffering to some extent from any number (typically most) of the following: Asthma, Eczema, Rayndauds syndrome, Scleroderma, Arthritis, Migraines, Anorexia, Insomnia, Constipation, Back Pain(+), Low Muscle Mass, Depression(+), Rage, Anxiety (+Panic Attacks), Dental Issues, Eye Issues, Food Sensitivities, Shin Splints & saving the best for last, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. ALL of which, are helped with cannabis.

The levels of suffering that can be experienced, it doesn’t bear thinking about. The horror. And why? Why should I suffer that much? I tried years ago for help from the Doctors, and what I got was mounting problems from the side effects of the drugs I was prescribed for the side effects of the drugs I was prescribed for the side effects of the drugs I was prescribed for my original condition, and it still didn’t work. None of it. 3 levels of that, and I gave up on the Doctors and their prescriptions. Just stopped taking it all, dead, finished. Instead decided to treat my conditions with only Cannabis. That was the day that I started to feel better. I know Cannabis is not magic pixie dust that will fix everything, but it is VERY impressive how effective it is across all my ailments. Not just “Doctor Feel-Good”. Noticeable symptomatic reductions, even to the point of eliminating symptoms all together. Whole ailments, whole classifications of ailments, nullified as good as gone, when i can get enough of the right cannabinoid/terpenoid profile in me. Legal CBD on the market has been a HUGE boon. But I would benefit much more if I could grow my own plants without fear of PTSD triggers of repeat experience of a gang of armed thugs breaking into my home, while I’m home, tying me up, stealing the medicine I need to avoid immense suffering, threatening to make me their prisoner for years, and I can’t call the police on them, because they are the police. This madness must end. Legalise Cannabis in the UK, now. #LegaliseCannabisUK2018

There’s just no need to so savagely threaten and criminalise not only the people most in need of Cannabis, but anyone who can benefit from Cannabis, nor indeed, anyone who helps people get Cannabis. Prohibition (and the resulting witch-hunt persecution & misrepresentation of those who benefit from the use of Cannabis) is a harmful, dangerous, ignorant savagery that history will not look back favourably upon. This madness must end. Legalise Cannabis in the UK, now. #LegaliseCannabisUK2018

Cannabis saves my life, sparing me intolerable suffering. I don’t like how Cannabis prohibition tarnishes viability of respect for the law. No law should mandate such needless suffering. What insane cruelty. Why increase suffering? Why replace patient’s medicine with persecution?

End prohibition now.