After speaking with Gino Kenny TD and Vera Twomey at a press conference at Buswells Hotel last week in relation to the Medicinal Cannabis bill. We discussed how important is was for people to come forward and tell their stories about their experience with Medicinal Cannabis THC- CBD, and the positive effect it has had on their own personal lives. So here is my story, I hope it resonates with people who are in the same or similar situation, and hope it may encourage more people to come forward.

I was diagnosed 3 years ago with Fibromyalgia! After spending the first 2 years after diagnosis taking various types of prescription medication, which subsequently was of no benefit to me, I discovered after doing much research on the medication that I was taking that they were doing me more harm than good. During my time taking these prescribed medications, nothing changed, the pain remained, I struggled to walk, i used a cane most days, and was laid up in bed for most days too, the electric blanket was my only form of relief for the pain on my back. Going out for a walk with my dog was a massive task, the pain and fatigue was constant, cognitive impairment was becoming worse by the week, and my concentration was extremely difficult.

After doing further research on alternative medication, I came across information on medicinal cannabis CBD-THC and all about its amazing healing properties. I joined groups on social media related to my condition and was amazed by the positive feedback from people who used Medicinal Cannabis and how it changed their lives. It was their stories that truly convinced me I was on the right path.

Last year with great difficulty, in the middle of a flare, I flew out to Spain to check out CBD-THC for myself. The Medical Cannabis bill had recently passed, so I felt safe knowing I would not be arrested. My only concern when going was that I may not be able to manage the journey, and if the pain would prevent me from going to where I needed to go. I was resigned to the fact that I would be taking taxis, and also had some comfort in known that my sister and her friend were there with me.

After purchasing the CBD-THC oil, within a few hours I felt a sense of freedom. I was able to go swimming every morning, go to the shops, socialising, sightseeing, the works, not once did I take a taxi. I felt completely free from all the health issues that I brought with me. I felt a great sense of calmness, “not stoned” just unbelievably calm and relaxed.

I have taken a number of CBD oils before and after this experience! None of them had a look into what I experienced in Spain. There is some fairly good stuff out there however, it’s not good enough, known that there is and should be a better option available for all those who are in desperate need for CBD-THC treatment.

The people need Medicinal Cannabis THC to suit their individual needs! This is an necessity, and we need it now!!

People need to contact their local representatives to preassurise them into supporting TD Gino Kenny’s Medicinal Cannabis bill