I have had minor back issues on and off over the past 20 years but in 2015 after injuring my back i woke up in severe spasm and pain that you could not imagine, i was paralysed in bed and had to dial 999 screaming in agony unable to move. I was brought to 2 different hospitals over 10 days (8 days in total on trolleys), I was diagnosed with a L4/L5 prolapsed disc with severe spasms in the facet muscles and radial pain down the right leg with hypersensitivity in my right foot (walking barefoot on carpet felt like walking on gravel). After 10 days i was discharged home on crutches and was in bed 22+hrs per day for 2 months. I was prescribed Lyrica and Tramadol. Tramadol (which is is legal to drive on) makes me have hallucinations, constapation and severe reflux. Lyrica turn me into a vegetable, i could not concentrate on anything, even watching TV I had no attention span, I also meditate and this was impossible on this medication. After months living like this I realised that Cannabis might help, I had been a recreational smoker but had stopped 8 years earlier. I did research and bought seeds of a strain from the Medical Seed Company of Barcelona, it was high CBD & High THC. I grew 1 plant organically in a wardrobe under LED floodlights, not even the proper grow lights. After 3 months i harvested and cured for 3 weeks. From that first drag my whole body just relaxed and the tension pain in the facet muscles totally eased. I was able to get a good sleep and within days completely withdrew from Lyrica and Tramadol. To say this changed my life was an understatement. I was able to function again, meditate, concentrate and although still in pain it was at a managable level. A few months later i managed to source Full Extract Cannabis Oil which I take a microdose at night and made a topical cream from it too. A year later i suffered a relapse at my parents house and was again admitted by ambulance in screaming agony, it was so bad they had to send a second ambulance with an advanced paramedic to administer morphine just to get me off the floor. Another 10 days in hospital with cortisone injections into the spine, discharged again on crutches which i needed for several weeks. This year 2018, the L5/S1 disc blew out, however i was able to treat all the pain at home with Herb Cannabis, Cannabis oil and another amazing herb called Wild Lettuce (lactuca virosa). I now use a combination and have not required hospitalisation again or damaging pharmaceutical drugs. I use topical cream & vaporise wild lettuce (occasionally) during the daytime and smoke or vaporise Organic Herb in the evenings. On a side note, I was diagnosed with COPD 4 years ago suffering from great shortness of breath, this is almost gone and on the days when pain is low i can even walk up modest hills without shortness of breath. My COPD cured by Smoking Pure Organic Herbal Cannabis. My management of my chronic pain has given me back my life without horrible side effects. I have saved the taxpayers thousands if not tens of thousands of euro in medical costs and drugs. I do NOT want it legalised and controlled by the medical/pharma industry who have surpassed this for 100 years. I/we should have the sovereign right to choose to use natural sacred plant medicines in their natural form not some chemically/genitically engineered synthesis.