I started having seizures aged 22. At first the doctors couldn’t reason why I was having these complex partial seizures, later they did but we will get back to that in a bit.

So, aged 22 they started me on Epillim, it didn’t work. And the dose went up and up and up.

After a year or so of Epillim not working they decided to introduce Keppra. When I first took Keppra it was horrifying, it sent me psychotic, absolutely. This happened again in 2011 when I was put on to Lamictal. The Patient Information Leaflet that accompanied the medication warned of these side effects, but why didn’t the doctors?

There was another 5 or 6 other anti epileptic drugs experimented on me. Some had other side effects like swollen lymph nodes or kidney stones.

Throughout my time with epilepsy I had to smoke cannabis (I was not aware of oil at the time). It reduced my seizures from one a week to one a month or every other month. The neurologists in Beaumont said “Well if it works don’t stop.”

In 2014 I had surgery as a cavernoma (like a blod clot, not like an aneurysm or stroke but more like a birth mark) was found to be the cause of my seizures while I was living in London. I had my surgery in Beaumont hospital.

Post operation the pharmaceutical drugs worked, I was on Lamictal and Keppra at the time and the side effects mentioned above only were the initial kicking into the nervous system and last 24 hours, but a terrible 24 hours, scary.

I went a whole year post op without having a seizure and without any need to smoke cannabis. But then one day I was late taking the Lamictal and Keppra and a seizure resulted, worse than previous seizures.

I had 2 or 3 really bad seizures post op when late or forgot to take the Lamictal and Keppra.

I then started hearing the stories of Ava Barry down in Cork and how cannabis was helping her. I then sought more information and I then started taking CBD oil twice a day.

After a while I was confident enough to reduce the meds, which I did very slowly as I had now realised the seizures were withdrawal seizures, I had become dependant upon the Keppra and Lamictal. No such thing has happened with the CBD.

I can take my 2 doses when I like at what time suits. And I have even forgot twice or thrice since 2016 when I started using CBD to help prevent seizures but also to promote healing in my brain and skull post operation.

The neurologists in Beaumont were horrified when I told them in September 2016 I was going to come off their meds ie Keppra and Lamictal. They said don’t that I would have seizures, my last seizure was in October 2015.

I am now back working full time and this is thanks to CBD. I work long hours and it is not possible to take the pharmaceutical drugs every 12 hours like a robot, cannabis works with you and not against you. I can now get on with living my life thanks to cannabis.