Hi, i was involved in a car accident on 29th December 2017, someone drove their car into mine at a four crossroads, my car ended up in the ditch with airbags deployed. I suffered whiplash, chronic migraine headaches with front temple lobe nerve damage. I have been to a pain consultant twice and given him close to a 1000 euro for fees and medical reports. He has told me straight to my face that cannabis works for my condition and ”he wants to help and give it to me but he is not going to give it to me”. I sent him the link to obtain the license after our original meeting, which he acknowledged was the place to obtain the license, but said ”While I would love to help you- try getting a license without having the rules of the road laid out- impossible – that is what we as pain specialists face with medicinal cannabis – no rules govern its use in Ireland”

So that is my story, i still suffer daily with chronic pain, all because of a ban on a medicinal herb that provides relief from pain with no side effects.
Crazy world. All the best