I was diagnosed with testicular cancer which had spread to my lymph nodes.

I had to go through an operation to remove the cancer and 5 months of chemo to remove the rest that had spread.

I immediately started on the cannabis oil and built up my tolerance so when I started the chemo, I was in good shape to get through.

I was able to sleep and eat. Nausea was not an issue. I met a person whom started the therapy the same time as I and he didn’t take the oil. The difference was significant. Sometimes he couldn’t do the therapy as he was too weak or didn’t have his bloods where they wanted them.

I on the other hand got through it without missing one session and I put that down to the oil. Even when my brain was at it’s worse, taking the oil helped me to feel something resembling normality, and helped in the months after I had finished.

The cancer is now gone, I would not like to ever go through that experience again but at least I know the full benefits of taking the oil in conjunction with what ever the doc recommendeds. I wouldn’t tell anybody to go against what there oncologists tells them. As I said I did the chemo with oil.

I hope one day any one in the same position can attain cannabis oil legally and without fear of public misconceptions.